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Panipat Pincode / Post Office Search (PANIPAT, Haryana)

Adyana B.O 132113PanipatHaryana
Ahar B.O 132107PanipatHaryana
Allupur B.O 132113PanipatHaryana
Atta S.O 132122PanipatHaryana
Atula B.O 132113PanipatHaryana
Babail B.O 132103PanipatHaryana
Babarpur B.O 132103PanipatHaryana
Bandh B.O 132107PanipatHaryana
Bapoli B.O 132104PanipatHaryana
Barana B.O 132103PanipatHaryana
Beholi B.O 132101PanipatHaryana
Bhadar B.O 132103PanipatHaryana
Bhandari B.O 132113PanipatHaryana
Binjhol B.O 132103PanipatHaryana
Bursham B.O 132103PanipatHaryana
Chandoli B.O 132103PanipatHaryana
Chulkana B.O 132101PanipatHaryana
Dadlana B.O 132140PanipatHaryana
Dadola B.O 132108PanipatHaryana
Dahar B.O 132145PanipatHaryana
Dehra B.O 132122PanipatHaryana
Didwari B.O 132145PanipatHaryana
Dikadla B.O 132122PanipatHaryana
Diwana B.O 132108PanipatHaryana
Ganjbarh B.O 132103PanipatHaryana
Hathwala S.O 132115PanipatHaryana
Israna S.O 132107PanipatHaryana
Jalalpur B.O 132103PanipatHaryana
Jattal B.O 132103PanipatHaryana
Jaurasi B.O 132101PanipatHaryana
Joshi B.O 132113PanipatHaryana
Kabri B.O 132103PanipatHaryana
Kalkha B.O 132105PanipatHaryana
Karad B.O 132107PanipatHaryana
Karhans B.O 132101PanipatHaryana
Khojkipur B.O 132122PanipatHaryana
Kiwana B.O 132101PanipatHaryana
Kurana B.O 132107PanipatHaryana
Kurar B.O 132103PanipatHaryana
Lohari B.O 132105PanipatHaryana
Machhrauli B.O 132101PanipatHaryana
Madlauda S.O 132113PanipatHaryana
Mahoti B.O 132102PanipatHaryana
Manana B.O 132101PanipatHaryana
Mandi B.O 132107PanipatHaryana
Namunda B.O 132101PanipatHaryana
Nanhera B.O 132103PanipatHaryana
Naraina B.O 132101PanipatHaryana
Neoltha S.O 132145PanipatHaryana
Noorwala B.O 132103PanipatHaryana
Palri B.O 132145PanipatHaryana
Panipat H.O 132103PanipatHaryana
Pardhana B.O 132107PanipatHaryana
Puther B.O 132107PanipatHaryana
Qawi B.O 132113PanipatHaryana
Rair Kalan B.O 132140PanipatHaryana
Rajkheri B.O 132103PanipatHaryana
Raksera B.O 132115PanipatHaryana
Risalu B.O 132104PanipatHaryana
Samalkha S.O 132101PanipatHaryana
Seenk B.O 132103PanipatHaryana
Shahpur B.O 132107PanipatHaryana
Shera B.O 132113PanipatHaryana
Siwaha B.O 132108PanipatHaryana
Sodhapur B.O 132103PanipatHaryana
Sutana B.O 132105PanipatHaryana
Ugra Kheri B.O 132104PanipatHaryana
Untla B.O 132105PanipatHaryana
Waisor B.O 132113PanipatHaryana

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.